Ministry of DONER, Government of India
with a view to provide composite professional training to candidates in the field of Hospitality/Travel/Tourism, Ministry of DONER, Government of India is providing one year residential training programme for North Eastern candidates at Bangalore and Mysore.

Courses | Electrical Technology

After successfully completing the +2 stage Vocational course, the student would have acquired relevant appropriate and technical knowledge together with professional skills and competencies in the field of Electrical Technology so that he is properly equipped to take up gainful employment in this vocation.

Thus he should have acquired:

A. Understanding of

  1. The relevant basic concepts and principles in basic science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) so that he is able to understand the different vocational subjects,
  2. The basic concepts in engineering drawing
  3. The concepts, principles of working, maintenance, constructional details and functions of electrical motors, electrical appliances, measuring and testing instruments and electrical circuits.
  4. Testing, installation, fault identification and repairing and repairing of electrical motors, appliances and instruments,
  5. Different types of electrical wiring

B. Adequate professional skills and competencies in

  1. Testing, installation, commissioning, fault location, repairing, servicing and major repairs of electric motors, appliances and instruments
  2. Undertaking complete house wiring jobs, testing, and location of faults and repairing of house wiring

C. A healthy and professional attitude so that he has

  1. An analytical approach while working on a job,
  2. An open mind while locating/rectifying faults
  3. Respect for working with his own hands,

Respect for honesty, punctuality and truthfulness.