Ministry of DONER, Government of India
with a view to provide composite professional training to candidates in the field of Hospitality/Travel/Tourism, Ministry of DONER, Government of India is providing one year residential training programme for North Eastern candidates at Bangalore and Mysore.

Courses | Horticulture

Horticulture comprises of cultivation of a wide variety of Fruits, vegetables and enumerable ornamental plants. It also deals with scientific disposal of end products through proper handling and preservation. Though cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers in India date backs to pr-historic times; their commercial culture on scientific line started only in the beginning of present century. We have in India a variety of soil and climatic condition suited for cultivation of all kinds of horticultural crops. But, the production is far short of our requirements in terms of per capita needs. In recent times, there has been a tremendous spurt in the demand of fruits, vegetables and more particularly for ornamentals such as cut flowers and house plants, not only in India but from foreign countries.

With the unprecedented increase in the cultivation of all kinds of horticultural crops, there has been consequent demand for skilled manpower for employment in public and private horticultural enterprises. There is thus, an urgent need to develop vocationally trained personnel for meeting this requirement.

The required vocational education and training in horticulture is intended to be imparted through six papers covering the major areas of horticulture, namely, fundamentals of Horticulture; fruit production; vegetable production; floriculture and landscaping; commercial crops and post harvest technology, spread over a period of two years at the +2 stage. It is expected that the training will provide the latest knowledge of all important horticultural crops and their post harvest handling and disposal. Above all, it will develop the required proficiency, competencies and confidence in students for undertaking various jobs in all kinds of horticultural enterprises and to start several enterprises on their own.