Ministry of DONER, Government of India
with a view to provide composite professional training to candidates in the field of Hospitality/Travel/Tourism, Ministry of DONER, Government of India is providing one year residential training programme for North Eastern candidates at Bangalore and Mysore.

Courses | Marketing & Salesmanship

Market is an important institution of our social and economic system. Marketing is a system created by society for the purpose of supplying goods and services – personal selling is one of the important marketing activities in most organizations. The scope for selling has increased substantially during the past few years in Sikkim due to growth in the trade and industry. Persuasive selling skills are being used not only by organization whose objective is to earn profit but also by non-profit organization. Because of this varied nature of the selling jobs professional selling has developed into a specialized area of management. However as a result of adoption of new economic policies the marketing environment in the state is changing fast. This brings with its new challenges and opportunities in the vocational of selling. For example lot of emphasis is being made on direct dealing these days & the art of marketing is widened. Recognizing its scope, significance and Importance State Vocational Education has incorporated a specialized vocational course in Marketing and Salesmanship under state Vocational Education Project at Government Sr. Sec. Schools. It is aimed at preparing the local youths through skill development & to grasp the available Job opportunities in the field of selling. This job oriented course would train on the needed knowledge and skills to create competent & professional marketing assistant/salesman persons.

This course develop skills on the Following listed areas.

  1. Knowledge about concepts of marketing
  2. Identifying customers and their needs
  3. Marketing sales and organizing demonstrations in sales promotion activities
  4. Displaying Merchandise and explaining services profile
  5. Communication skills in Advertising
  6. Computer basics and their application in marketing