Ministry of DONER, Government of India
with a view to provide composite professional training to candidates in the field of Hospitality/Travel/Tourism, Ministry of DONER, Government of India is providing one year residential training programme for North Eastern candidates at Bangalore and Mysore.

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Indian Tourism Industry is the largest & fastest growing service industry of our country. It contributes nearly 6.23% to the country’s GDP and generates 8.78% of the trade employment. Number of Foreign Tourist arrival in 2010 was 5.78 million. In 2008, India earns revenue of about 200 billion US dollars from Tourism Industry and it is expected that the amount might increase to US$375.5 billion by 2018 at a 9.4% annual growth rate.

Having realized the potentiality of “Tourism Industry” as a major sector of economic & infrastructure development , employment generator & poverty alleviator, the State Government of Sikkim has recognized this as the main civil industry of the State. The State Government’s vision for development of tourism sector is: “To make tourism main livelihood of the People of Sikkim, Each & Every household & individuals shall become a Skilled Force for tourism industry”. To provide professional service to more than 7 lakhs tourists per year every individual of the state has to be skilled in this trade. The demand for skilled manpower in the tourism sector has been exceeding supply. The tourism industry needs professional qualified and trained personnel at all levels whether managerial, supervisory and supportive staff to manage and maintain the facilities and services of international standard. The State Government is totally committed for this to make Sikkim a total professional state for providing services of highest order. This will make the Sikkim, a world class service provider State. To achieve the goal state vocational education programme can be the significant tool to be used.

Nature has bestowed Sikkim with unique beauty, splendour with its lush green forests, undisturbed valleys and a rich cultural heritage. Due to this Sikkim become one of most sought after tourist’s destination. Number of Domestic tourists in 2010 were more than 7, 00,000 visited the state and till 2012 the number may raise to 8, 00,000. Number of foreign tourists in 2010 were about 20,000 visited the state and response is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. To improve the efficiency of this industry for enhancing social & economic benefits; including increase of sustainable employment generation, direct or indirect, Government of Sikkim has incorporated Tourism & Travel Management at Sr. Sec Level Govt. schools as a stream under state Vocational Education Project from the very beginning of the programme. It is to train the local youths, develop entrepreneurship skills among them & thereby minimizing the gap between demand & supply of skilled manpower for this fastest growing service industry.