Ministry of DONER, Government of India
with a view to provide composite professional training to candidates in the field of Hospitality/Travel/Tourism, Ministry of DONER, Government of India is providing one year residential training programme for North Eastern candidates at Bangalore and Mysore.

Objectives Of Vocational Education

Vocational Education in a much broader sense cover education and skill development at all levels from post primary to tertiary education - both through formal and non-formal programmes. Some of its primary objectives are:

  • To diversify a sizeable segment of students at the senior secondary stage to the world of work
  • To link education with productivity, economic development and individual prosperity
  • To meet the skilled and middle level manpower needs of the growing sectors of the economy – both organized and unorganized
  • To provide an alternative channel for higher education
  • To reduce the miss-match between demand and supply of manpower
  • To prepare students for self -reliance and gainful employment
  • To prevent aimless pursuit of higher education